Brita Filter

Pots/Pans set

Tall/short cups

Wine cups

Tall skinny glasses



Spice rack

Coffee pod rack

4 Containers 

Keurig machine


Paper towel holder


Rice cooker

Electric tea kettle

Round baking pans set of 3

Rectangle baking pans set of 3

Mixing bowl


Measuring ups/spoons

Wine opener 


Utensils Set

Utensils tray

Oven mitts (2)

Kitchen towel

Soap dispenser

Trash can

Glass cups

Luggage rack

Mattress protector

King comforter

Cooking Spoon Set

Keurig Coffee Pods

Coffee Creamer

Sugar for Coffee

Hot Chocolate

Cooking Oil

Sponges (order 2 packs)

Large Kitchen Trash Bags

Small Trash Bags

Extra AAA Batteries

Extra AA Batteries

Extra TV Remotes

Paper Towels (Small)

Toilet Paper

Coffee creamer

Black Makeup Towels (Purchase black ones only)

Zep Spray

King Bed Duvet and duvet pillow cases

Extra Comforter


Laundry Bags

Sanitize Toilet Wraps

Hand Sanitizer

The Parker Gate Remotes

Gate Remote Batteries (L1028F alkaline battery)

Key Fob Copy Machine